What am I Listening to? (Lil Boosie)

Lil Boosie – “Better Believe It”

Life as a PhD student at my university was extremely lonely, so I started hanging out with the masters students. They worked very hard for their studies, but they were also the most fun and threw the best parties.

I met one student because we had similar study schedules (same place, same times). She was 100% Indiana Hoosier. Farming family and all that. One day she asked what I was listening to. I told her that she would not like it. This was polar opposite from Vampire Weekend. But she persisted. So I gave her my headphones and watched her transformation.

She was instantly hooked. It was the craziest thing. I gave her some mixtapes to check out. For the rest of the semester, we’d study together and she’d interrupt my work to ask about the terminology and word-play.

An Indiana farmer who is down with NOLA and Lil Boosie. Amazing.


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