Street Art – Mainz (14Nov2015)

I had a great day yesterday with discovering new street art. Everything thing in today’s post was found on a single block that I just randomly decided to walk down.

imageStarting the story from the end… as I was leaving the underpass, where I found the paintings, I noticed this text scribbled on a door. It says “I got peace on my mind and flowers in my heart.” It was easy to miss with all of the other pictures and colors dominating the senses. I think the playfulness of the imagery is what grabbed me. The adventure voice told me to take a picture and check it out later. I googled it and found the rest of the text on this web site. It is beautiful.

“i got peace on my mind and flowers in my heart. why to have hate on my mind and rocks in my heart. keep calm. the songs on the radio are ok. smell flowers and look how they grow. love what you hate. help who can’t be helped. cry whenever you want. don’t hate. let them be. and be. be what you want to be. and remember we all have a heavydirtysoul. we are all stressed out in our own way. because a kitchen sink to you Is not a kitchen sink to me, ok friend?”

imageI was also pleasantly surprised that this underpass was the location of a “Meeting of the Styles” a few years ago. I wish I had the skill to photograph the colors and complexity of the artwork. It is stunning.  You can find more photos in the Mainz III slide show on the street art page.

imageI also “cracked the code” of an interesting sticker that I often see throughout the city. The only reason why I did not figure it out earlier is that i never thought to take a photo and I would always forget the spelling on the sticker. But yesterday I remembered and learned that this is the sticker for a very cool German band that frequently plays in the cafe one block from my house! Check the music from Digitalluc here.

imageThe highlight of the day was finding another “sad lady”. Unfortunately, since I only have an iPad, i do not have the option for an optical zoom. She was standing atop the stairs behind a high wall and fence of a school. I could get no, closer than approx 50m. But that’s ok.

A very good friend of mine has joined the fun of searching for these micro moments of joy. Here are some of the other pictures from our adventures yesterday:

(Click the image below to open the photo gallery)
Street Art - Mainz


3 thoughts on “Street Art – Mainz (14Nov2015)

    • Thank you! It is a lot of fun. Tomorrow I leave Mainz to go to a different city for treatment in another clinic for 10 weeks. I am curious to see what I will find there!


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