#LoveMe Challenge Day 17: Something That Feeds Your Soul

#LoveMe Challenge Day 17: Something That Feeds Your Soul

Something that gives me good vibes? Here are some things that I just brainstormed:

  • A good song connected to good memories
  • Walking and holding my wife’s hand
  • Hearing my phone ring and looking that it is my brother or sister calling
  • Memorial Day
  • Hugging my friends
  • Ice-cold cola (but without ice and PLEASE no lemon)
  • Watching old couples who are still very much in love with each other
  • Reading the blogs of my blog-friends
  • Sitting on a beach, watching the waves and forgetting the day and time
  • Listening to my favorite classical music (performed by good orchestras)
  • The moment when the pillow and blanket are perfect, right before I fall asleep
  • Finding the song that matches where am I, what I’m doing, and how I’m feeling
  • Wearing my favorite sweatshirt immediately out of the clean laundry
  • Remembering my years of university rowing to help find fresh energy
  • Smiling
  • Having a dance party in my head (the voices in my head actually love this)
  • Art therapy and feeling a crazy new idea to try
  • A big cup of coffee, something to read, and nowhere to go anytime soon
  • Laughing (especially a good deep laugh that makes breathing difficult)
  • Looking at old pictures from my childhood (looking into my eyes)
  • Music with steel drums
  • Art displays that allow people to get close to the paintings
  • Being extremely hungry, then having a delicious meal
  • A perfect chair
  • A morning following sleep without nightmares
  • Laughing at an inside joke with my brother and sister
  • Succeeding in having a day without complaining or negative talking
  • Sharing something
  • Remembering how small and young I am, and how big and old the universe is
  • The moments following a hard, but productive therapy session
  • Sitting quietly and just listening to my thoughts 

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