My Nemesis

imageThis is the microwave that caused so much stress for me during my first days in the new clinic. As you can see in the picture below, the control panel is nothing like what one would usually expect. It is possible that the units for the settings are German words, but I doubt it.

In my opinion, for a microwave, one of the most important functions is setting the duration of the cooking time. This should be the most prominent part of the control panel. But with this microwave, the dominant control is a dial that determines the power (W) and something that appears to adjust traditional heating methods (temp C, from top).

Setting the cooking time is done by turning the button with the “g”. If you think this is to enter the mass of the dish, your guess is reasonable, but incorrect. You simply turn it one way to increase the time, the other way to decrease the time. g=time?

At the bottom are symbols that appear weather-related. I have not experimented with these. My meals are not great, but I don’t want to make it worse from a failed experiment.

There is probably a German somewhere in the world, reading this and laughing at the stupid American. But, I have spent some time designing systems in a previous life, and this system design is a failure. Nothing is intuitive, symbols are not clear, and necessary functions are not clear while unnecessary functions are too prominent.

Seriously, who is going to use a microwave to “cook” something at 80W? Who would have thought that one of my first therapy topics would get initiated my frustration with the microwave and my fear of asking for help?



6 thoughts on “My Nemesis

    • In the beginning it was terrible. Because I need a special menu, all of my meals are refrigerated for some reason. So I had cold meals for the first several days. I am still learning how to work it, but it is getting better. I’m really glad I asked for help. My next “ask for help” therapy comes today. I need to figure out how to do laundry. I should have asked yesterday, but I was too scared. Today is my last chance before I run out of clothes. No pressure, right?

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  1. Whoa – zah! Now I understand both the frustration and the fear! My god man, that is not only a relic but is possibly a nuclear disaster just waiting to happen! I think I’d be opting for canned or packaged goods that require NO microwave-sation 😑 seriously 😂

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