Journal 01 Dec 2015 – Scared to Sleep

Journal 01 Dec 2015


3 thoughts on “Journal 01 Dec 2015 – Scared to Sleep

  1. Sorry to hear that. Hope everything works it self out and those nightmares go away. ( at least you’re not my step father who embraces the nightnares-has punched shit and strangled my mom once. He loves them) which I dont know which is worse, running from the nightmares that keep you up or dancing with them. And I don’t mean running in a bad sense.

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    • That sounds nuts!!! I’m no doctor (but I’ve seem them on tv), but I think there is a loose widget somewhere if someone enjoys nightmares and also attacks their partner.

      I talked about my situation the supervising doctor this morning. In the next few days they will adjust my meds to help out. Like tonight, I will try not to sleep because I am very nervous for tomorrow. And this is a perfect condition for creative nightmares. (Seriously WP?!?! It “auto corrected” nightmare into “Ne mares”. That’s not even a thing!)

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      • Oh yeah hes got a few screws loose ( he sees someone) . Well thats good, thats interesting you say try not to sleep I have problems falling and staying asleep and if im nervous pffh no sleep. Virtual stay awake spell ( well thats an awkward name) and seriously WP go away with your antics!

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