Journal 06may2016


Me and My Crew

One thought on “Me and My Crew

  1. Back when I was part of the AA community, one of the things that struck me was how some people retreated into identifying themselves solely by their inclusion in this community. I understand that part of that was their struggle to maintain their sobriety, but it was also very limiting. More than once I heard people say they would not “hang out” with the “normies” because they just didn’t understand people who struggled with substance abuse.

    The old saying goes “you can pick who your friends are, but you can’t pick who your family is.” there are some communities we have a choice of being a part of, and other communities we are included in whether we want to be or not. It is all very messy. Human nature it seems includes finding our tribe or clique – the “in-patients” vs. the “out-patients”. The trick I suppose, and to which I am still learning, is to acknowledge those communities, embrace them without necessarily affirming them if we so choose, and to find the good in each of them in which we can build upon in our sense of self.

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