20Jun2016 – Poetry and Street Art (alt photo)

I couldn’t “stick” the photo in the coffee shop because it was a cafe that I visit regularly. So I still had the sticker in my pocket this morning when I came across this scene. It fit perfectly. Now the sticker is finally in its new home.


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Street Art – Mainz 19Jun 2016

Lately I have been wrestling with feelings of sadness and anger. Unfortunately, I have had little experience with expressing either of the two. For my entire life, I have been taught to suppress these feelings at all costs. To let them come up is both uncomfortable and scary (even if it is healthy and good for me).

One afternoon I was so distressed and torn that I made these quick cards. I didn’t even take the time to add the extra effects that make the text glow in low light. But these are themes I have been struggling with. Who am I? What do I do? Who is on my side? How do I find my place (what do I do when I get there?)?

In the next 5 years I would like to return to teaching. But this time at a small college or university. Not an education behemoth like my last position. I’d like classes of 15-20 students instead of 50-60. I think this can be done. I just need to figure out how to build the road from here to there….and who will be allowed to come with me.

Street Art – First Project With Wood

This was a curious and fun project. I truly let myself “trust the process”. From one day to the next, I had neither a plan nor an idea of what to do. Merely did what I enjoyed and watched the pieces come together and slowly reveal themselves.

This video follows the path of artistic uncertainty from the beginning to the end. Street art. It is so dynamic.
I love it!


Everyone Needs…

I have been struggling lately with “what I have” vs. “what I deserve” and punishing myself no matter the answer. Then I decided to take a view of things from 30,000 ft. I realized that my struggle is largely unnecessary and just tearing me apart, when I could be using this energy to build myself up. Maybe I don’t need to feel guilty for needing something. Maybe it is ok to need, want and fight for certain things. There is no shame in needing some things. Then I started to wonder how many other people might be wrestling with these same feelings. So I quickly made a list of things that might be good for everyone. This list became the theme for a series of stickers I call “Everyone needs…”

These stickers have been placed in conspicuous places throughout the city. As I think of more items to add, I will make more stickers and share them with the city.

Street Art Feature Photo – 07May2016


Very often, for a variety of reasons (the size of the painting, the need to rush when taking my photo, my mood when I am on the site, etc.) I do not see the real magnificence of a painting until I review the photos in the comfort of home. This is one such painting. The more I let myself fall into the picture, the more incredible detail I noticed. It is astounding. These paintings are the reason I will sacrifice comfort for a photo. They deserve… no, demand…to be preserved before they are painted over. I feel very fortunate to be able to find, capture and share them.

Street Art – Good Vibe Graffiti


Today was a strange day. I had no energy at all, yet I had laser-like focus on making my first full set of stickers to put up around Mainz. I did some spray painting (of the sticker backgrounds) this morning, then practiced new scripts and words while I waited for the backgrounds to dry. When everything was ready and I felt confident, I began I in earnest. I probably made 20 stickers today and prepared another 20 for tomorrow.



It was several hours of work to yield so little, and it took every ounce of energy that I don’t have. Additionally, I have no idea when I have the energy to make a stroll through the city to actually put up the stickers. Last week, I did a few between my house and the bus stop for the day clinic, but it is a short walk and there is not too much that I can do there.

One exciting thing about the sticker street art community is that many people trade stickers with other artists all over the world. My handmade stickers with a positive message are very unique. Last week I sent a package away and I have request for another package this week.  So I can just focus on making stickers for trading until I have enough energy to hit the streets again like I did before.

If you are interested in seeing more of my Good Vibe Graffiti project and the work of other amazing street artists, check out my Facebook page (NoTos Art))

Street Art – Mainz (14Nov2015)

I had a great day yesterday with discovering new street art. Everything thing in today’s post was found on a single block that I just randomly decided to walk down.

imageStarting the story from the end… as I was leaving the underpass, where I found the paintings, I noticed this text scribbled on a door. It says “I got peace on my mind and flowers in my heart.” It was easy to miss with all of the other pictures and colors dominating the senses. I think the playfulness of the imagery is what grabbed me. The adventure voice told me to take a picture and check it out later. I googled it and found the rest of the text on this web site. It is beautiful.

“i got peace on my mind and flowers in my heart. why to have hate on my mind and rocks in my heart. keep calm. the songs on the radio are ok. smell flowers and look how they grow. love what you hate. help who can’t be helped. cry whenever you want. don’t hate. let them be. and be. be what you want to be. and remember we all have a heavydirtysoul. we are all stressed out in our own way. because a kitchen sink to you Is not a kitchen sink to me, ok friend?”

imageI was also pleasantly surprised that this underpass was the location of a “Meeting of the Styles” a few years ago. I wish I had the skill to photograph the colors and complexity of the artwork. It is stunning.  You can find more photos in the Mainz III slide show on the street art page.

imageI also “cracked the code” of an interesting sticker that I often see throughout the city. The only reason why I did not figure it out earlier is that i never thought to take a photo and I would always forget the spelling on the sticker. But yesterday I remembered and learned that this is the sticker for a very cool German band that frequently plays in the cafe one block from my house! Check the music from Digitalluc here.

imageThe highlight of the day was finding another “sad lady”. Unfortunately, since I only have an iPad, i do not have the option for an optical zoom. She was standing atop the stairs behind a high wall and fence of a school. I could get no, closer than approx 50m. But that’s ok.

A very good friend of mine has joined the fun of searching for these micro moments of joy. Here are some of the other pictures from our adventures yesterday:

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Street Art - Mainz