Why Street Art? Therapy? Really…?


What does Street Art have to do with mental health…? Normally, when I go around town, my head is filled with negative messages, scary pictures, and loud shouting voices. An internal studio audience from hell. Looking for street art gives me something to focus my attention, and a discovery frequently makes me smile. Additionally, this has helped me overcome my anxiety and fear of leaving my neighborhood by myself. I explore more of my city and I see the world around in a completely different way. Most importantly, this encourages me to get “out of my head” and interact with the world around me. It is hard to be depressed while getting good vibes from a painted flower that was hidden behind a utility box, or laughing at an obscure Simpsons character that is being used to promote a band.

With the help and support of the sticker art community, I have joined the fray. I have stumbled into my own style which I call “Good Vibe Graffiti”. I cannot draw very well, but I taught myself basic calligraphy during my long stay on psych wards. I use the calligraphy to write positive words and messages on stickers that I place throughout the city. The process of creating the stickers is meditative and relaxing. Placing the stickers is exciting. And, hoping that my message leave a positive impression in the world soothes me and gives me an outlet for self-expression that I have not known before.

I also have an Instagram acount where I collect my street art photos that can be found at: @NoTos Art

To see another fantastic blog that features street art from arround the word, check out: Street Art Rat.

Show your support for street art by visiting I Support Street Art


2 thoughts on “Why Street Art? Therapy? Really…?

    • Thank you finding my blog and taking the time to look around. And thank you for the good vibes. *smile*

      This art stuff all kind of evolved into what it is today beginning with hesitancy in art therapy and photography as a tool against anxiety. And who knows what comes next? (Until then, I’m just going to chill and have a good time enjoying where I am.) I’ll find out when I get there.

      I am a newcomer to street art and I’m still learning a lot. But the constant theme is to respectfully learn from others and have the courage to express ourselves in our own way. After a lifetime of conformity, this is terrifying. So these stickers are as much for myself as for anyone else. And I love it.

      I am constantly blown away by the idea that the expression of myself, my needs and abilities could have any value.

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